Gimme all the fun you have, Selvática Cancún!

If you are looking for tours in Cancun that challenge your senses, put your courage to the test and raise your adrenaline levels to the maximum, you have to try the Gimme All Selvática Cancun tour!

Selvática Cancun is located in Puerto Morelos, just 45 minutes south of Cancun. Hidden in the heart of the Mayan jungle it brings its visitors an unforgettable adventure full of excitement, with the best in zip lines, ATVs, suspension bridges and even a bungee swing that have your heart racing.

Selvática Cancún | ¡Cenote con tirolesa y plataforma de clavados!

Safety First at Selvática Cancún

Once on board the transportation that will take you from your hotel to the park and back, the guide will explain everything included in the “Gimme All tour of Selvática Cancun”: activities, food, estimated schedule, as well as security measures that you will have to follow at all times.

To be able to fully enjoy the tours in Selvática Cancun, safety is first. The Selvática Cancun team is made up of professional guides who are responsible not only for creating a memorable and fun experience, but to protect your security at all times, so we suggest you always be very attentive to the instructions that the guides provide you.

Once you arrive at Selvática Cancun you can take your belongings to a locker where we recommend you leave everything that may be in your way during the tour, as your senses should be 100% dedicated to the fun activities in Cancun that are to come. If you use an action camera, remember to wear the required harness so that you have your hands free.

Selvática Cancún | Tarzania

The Most Incredible Ziplines are at Selvática Cancún

It’s time for adventure! Selvática Cancun has a dynamic circuit of 9 extreme zip lines let you fly over the jungle and make you feel that tingling in the stomach and the goosebumps of excitement.

Selvática Cancún | Circuito de tirolesas

In addition to the speedy and exciting zipline circuit, the Gimme All tour includes a challenging flight in a roller-coaster and zipline combination called Tarzania. You will fly through the skies like a true superhero in the Superflight of Selvatica Cancun too! Do you want more? You can test your bravery in the electrifying Bungee Swing, in which you will jump from the top of a platform and fall “to the void” and then sway among the trees in the most extreme “swing” you have ever experienced.

Selvática Cancún | Superflight

There’s still more adrenaline for you! Drive an ATV in Cancún

As if all of this was not enough, the activities on the Gimme All tour of Selvática Cancún do not stop! Once you’ve finished your circuit of extreme ziplines, it’s time to get muddy on board a four-wheeler or Polaris vehicle and race down the winding jungle paths of Selvatica. Fulfill your need for speed guided at all times by an expert who will mark the pace of the route, you will drive an ATV in Cancun between climbs, descents and potholes that will make your 4×4 adventure the best EVER.

After a day of extreme activities of ziplines in Cancun, suspension bridges and ATVs, a refreshing dive awaits you at the Lukuma cenote in Selvática Cancún, the ideal way to relax and enjoy one of the natural wonders that characterize the Yucatan Peninsula.

Selvática Cancún | ATV in Cancún

A delicious reward at the end of your adventure in Selvática Cancún

At the end of the tour and the itinerary of activities, the Selvática Cancun team will offer you a tasty meal made up of delicious chicken fajitas, refried beans, tortillas, fruit and flavored water. While you lick your fingers, you can take a look at the incredible photos that were captured during the day.

The Gimme All Selvática Cancun tour is designed for adventurers like you who are looking for activities in Cancun that are truly out of the ordinary, real challenges! Brave people who are not afraid to sweat exploring the jungle or be completely covered in mud, who want to feel the strength of a powerful engine under their control or fly freely like a bird among the trees. ARE YOU READY FOR SELVÁTICA CANCÚN?


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