Río Secreto Wild Final Score: Adventure 10 – Routine 0

The Riviera Maya is known for its incredible beaches, snorkeling tours, huge eco-archaeological parks, the delicious food and drinks of its all-inclusive hotels and the warm hospitality of the locals.

What few travelers know about the Riviera Maya is that on the opposite side of the beaches, deep in the jungle, there are amazing landscapes that look like another world, wild places that every adventurer has to explore at least once in life, fantastic locations like Rio Secreto Wild.

Río Secreto Wild | Tour por la selva

This is how Río Rio Secreto Wild Gets Rolling

In Rio Secreto Wild you will enjoy a whole day as a brave explorer in the heart of the jungle. It all begins when you arrive at the base camp where you will enjoy fresh breads, fruits, coffee and juice while listening to the singing of the birds in the trees that surround you. Then you will collect your helmet, lights, backpack, special water shoes, a mask, wetsuit, a snack, and water.

Choose an MTB bike to ride through the jungle and you will be ready to start Rio Secreto Wild. Important: You need to have previously driven dirt roads and know how to make the changes to your bike to enjoy this part of the experience to the fullest, as there are several challenging climbs and fun descents along the way.

Río Secreto Wild | Rodarás en bicicleta dentro de cuevas

You will explore jungle and caves by bicycle and on foot!

Enjoy the rays of the sun and the exotic flora as you make your way down the path through the jungle, you may even see a snake or spider before diving underground on your bike. Thanks to the experience of our guide, we found traces of jaguars marked on the ground!

Río Secreto Wild | La aventura de tu vida

Once you finish the bike ride through the Rio Secreto Wild caverns, you will have to continue the exploration on foot. You will find that little by little the caves become cooler and quieter; As you advance you will see more defined stalactites, rock formations called “popcorn” (yes, like popcorn) and the occasional collapse that reminds you that you are under a leafy jungle.

This section of the walk alternates between dry caves and the lush jungle until you reach the entrance to a natural underground river that runs through a complex system of caverns in which you would surely be lost without a professional. Fortunately, you will be accompanied by guides from Rio Secreto Wild, experts in the secrets of this wild environment, rescuer and certified paramedic and cave rescuers who will ensure your safety. Here there is a secondary camp where you can recharge your batteries, eat a little snack and hydrate, put on the water equipment and your life jacket, and get ready for the next part of the Río Secreto Wild tour. From here everything gets even more fascinating!

Río Secreto Wild | Verás miles de estalactitas y estalagmitas

Immerse yourself in Rio Secreto Wild

You will walk through caverns in which the water will sometimes cover only your feet or your knees, sometimes the level will reach your waist and in others you will be totally submerged in the crystal clear waters of Rio Secreto Wild. You will see stalactites and stalagmites of different sizes and see how the water is filtered drop by drop from the surface to this underground oasis.

Río Secreto Wild | Nadarás en un río cristalino bajo la tierra

Later you can put on your mask to take a look at the flooded bottom of the cave; the water is so clear that with the help of the lamp you can see everything clearly. In this environment live bats and blind fish, it is important not to disturb them, remember that we are visitors and you are in their home. The Rio Secreto Wild tour is full of surprises!

Río Secreto Wild | Paisajes que te dejarán sin aliento

You’ll be in the middle of the Rio Secreto Wild Journey: Time to Trek Back

You will retrace your steps through the semi-flooded caverns and the dry route until you reach the cave where you left your bike and then you will roll over the bike path again. Back at the base camp of Rio Secreto Wild a delicious buffet lunch will be waiting for you to recover 100%. The kitchen staff knows that you need protein after this exciting and exhausting day; therefore they will have ready for you the most exquisite dishes that you can imagine, as well as icy cold drinks

If you are looking for things to do in Cancun, Playa del Carmen and Riviera Maya on your next vacation and you are an adventurer who is not afraid to trek into the jungle and caves walking, cycling or swimming, Rio Secreto Wild is for you. What do you need? Excellent physical condition, a good sleep the night before, the desire to live a truly wild adventure and respect for the delicate balance of the ecosystems that you will explore.

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